Inception Collection was the first style ever created by IHLE. 
I love that one accessory can be a compilation of a bunch of things, yet represent a story about you! Each IHLE BAG is made from meaningful and sustainable materials as well as vintage findings, all coming together to create a luxury handbag with its own unique story. Every handbag tells a story about what I love, carefully curated from bits and pieces that I've fallen in love with through my travels and research. Each one is a reflection of something very unique and beautiful, and it ends up in the arms of our conscious consumers, embarking on its own journey to compliment the story of the amazing woman who now carries it.
No two bags are identical, even within the same colored style. IHLE BAGS tell a unique story through their rare and precious materials, which sometimes have limited availability due to their nature.  The lining and vintage pieces are often different within the same style bag. Such artisanal techniques produce uniqueness, style and luxury. 
~  Positive Mind, Positive Vibes, Positive Life... ~